Business Description

Our business is Video Production & Digital Photography.  Our Focus is Business Video/Photography that showcase your Company, it’s Products & Services, their Features & Benifits & why people should deal with your Company rather than another.

Services & Information

Video Production

We tell your story in a way that informs and engages your clients, introducing the products and services you offer. Business videos show the features and benefits of using your products and services.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography offers a much faster, simpler and a less expensive way to produce your photographs. Fragile negatives are no longer a concern. Storage and sorting takes far less time, space & energy.

Studio Rental

Not everyone wants or needs a boardroom. The cost of a room that is used only occasionally can be better spent elsewhere. Our Studio is fully equipped for most needs and can be set up in several fashions.

Community Work

We started working on the “Cruizin 2 Cure Cancer Charity Show & Shine” in 2012.with our first show in August of 2013. All proceeds go back into our Community, with 85% going to the fight against Cancer. The balance primarily to youth & support groups.

We also volunteer with Shaw TV on community programming.


Jerry Anderson

Jerry Anderson

Photography has been an interest and hobby since I was able to reach for a camera. After retiring with the urging of friends & family I’ve turned it into a job that isn’t work.

My introduction to video came with Shaw TV in Winnipeg. To this day I still volunteer with Shaw’s community programing. It’s an opportunity to improve my skills, learn new techniques and stay involved in our community.

If you don’t start with a GOOD shot, all the editing programs in the world won’t make it a GREAT shot.

With this in mind, we use proven methods to set the stage for good composition, lighting & audio.

We continually add more and new equipment to enhance our video and photography production.

As with everything in Business and Life we look for the benefits offered.

  • As many as 90% of senior executives use videos in their work.
  • Videos can increase your Return on Investment by up to 60%.
  • Videos & Slide Shows offer many Benefits that will increase your market share.
  • Video’s increase Sales by engaging & informing your customers.
  • Videos can lower your C.O.A. by as much as 20%.
  • Video’s build brand awareness, introduce a product or service, create a need, offer a
    solution & tell you where you can find it.

Call or drop by the Studio to see how we can help you!

210 – 4919 49 St. Red Deer AB T4N 1V1